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When it comes to an Allied Roof Management roof assessment, we have a comprehensive scope of work in place. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough evaluation and analysis of your building’s roofing system, tailored to meet your specific needs and project requirements.

Overview - Roof Spec


Visual Inspection

Our skilled consultants will visually inspect the roof and its components, including the membrane, flashings, and drainage systems. This allows us to identify any visible issues or potential problems that may exist.

Testing and Analysis

To gather more detailed information about the roof’s condition, we utilize specialized tools and techniques. This may involve conducting moisture surveys, utilizing thermal imaging, and performing material testing. Through these methods, we gain valuable insights into the overall health and performance of your roof.

Documentation Review

We understand the importance of understanding the history and construction of your roof. Our consultants will diligently review any available documentation, such as building plans, maintenance records, and warranty information. This meticulous review helps us gain a better understanding of your roof’s performance and allows us to identify any potential issues.


Based on the comprehensive assessment and analysis, our consultants will provide you with detailed recommendations to address any identified issues or potential problems. This may include suggesting specific repairs or maintenance activities, developing a plan for roof replacement, or offering guidance on selecting the appropriate roofing materials and systems for new construction projects. Our goal is to provide you with practical solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of your roof.


Cost Estimates and Timelines

We understand that budgeting and scheduling are crucial considerations. As part of our assessment, our consultants can provide you with accurate cost estimates and timelines for implementing the recommended solutions. This helps you plan and prioritize roofing maintenance and repairs effectively.
Roofing Specification Consultant Florida | Allied Roofing
The overall objective of our roof assessment is to provide building owners and managers with a comprehensive understanding of the current condition of their roofing system. We aim to identify any existing issues or potential problems and provide practical recommendations to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the roof.
Regarding roof specifications, this term refers to a document that outlines the specific requirements and standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of a roofing system. Architects, engineers, or roofing consultants typically develop roof specifications as part of a construction or renovation project. These documents include detailed information on the materials, installation methods, and performance standards necessary to ensure the roof is durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting.
A roof specification covers various aspects, such as the type of roofing materials to be used (shingles, tiles, metal panels, etc.), the recommended installation methods (underlayment, flashing, ventilation systems), and guidelines for maintenance and repairs over the roof’s lifecycle. This comprehensive document ensures that the roofing system is designed, constructed, and maintained to meet the required performance standards and provide optimal protection against the elements.
In summary, an Allied Roof Management assessment covers a wide range of services and activities to assess the condition of your roofing system, provide recommendations, and assist with budgeting and scheduling. Roof specifications, on the other hand, are detailed documents that outline the specific requirements and standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of a roofing system.
Roofing Specification Consultant Florida | Allied Roofing
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