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At Allied Roof Management, our role in quality assurance is paramount to ensuring that every aspect of a roofing project, from its inception to completion, adheres to the highest standards and specifications. As an owner’s project manager (OPM), we act as a representative of the building owner throughout the construction process, safeguarding their interests and overseeing the project’s successful execution. Our comprehensive range of services includes project planning, budgeting, scheduling, and coordination of design and construction activities. Here’s a breakdown of the key responsibilities we undertake:


Reviewing Design and Specifications

We meticulously scrutinize the project’s design and specifications to ensure their completeness and accuracy, leaving no room for discrepancies or oversights.


Construction Inspections

Our team conducts regular inspections during the construction phase to verify compliance with the approved design and specifications. This diligent oversight ensures that the project progresses according to plan.


Contractor Selection and Management

We assist in the selection of contractors, meticulously vetting estimates/contracts, and skillfully managing the bidding and negotiation process. Our primary objective is to ensure that the project remains on track, meeting the owner’s expectations within the designated timeframe and budget.


Recommendations for Improvement

Should any deficiencies or opportunities for enhancement arise, we provide expert recommendations to the contractor. Our aim is to ensure that the project is executed properly, maintaining the highest quality standards.


Testing and Analysis

As part of our quality assurance efforts, we conduct thorough testing and analysis of roof materials and systems. This ensures that the newly installed roof meets all relevant regulations, industry standards, and durability requirements for long-term performance.


Final Inspections

Before considering the project as complete, we carry out comprehensive final inspections and testing. This meticulous approach allows us to verify that all aspects of the roofing project meet the desired standards and specifications.
Quality Assurance Roof Florida | Allied Roofing
In essence, as owner’s project managers, we act as the primary point of contact between the building owner and the design and construction teams, representing the owner’s interests in all project-related matters. Our overarching goal is to ensure that the roofing project is executed seamlessly, meeting the highest quality standards, and delivering complete satisfaction to the owner. A key aspect of our comprehensive approach involves incorporating essential services such as roofing inspection services. By integrating roofing inspection services into our management strategy, we further enhance the project’s integrity. This ensures that every aspect of the roofing system is thoroughly examined, meeting stringent standards and providing the owner with a comprehensive understanding of the project’s condition. Our commitment to quality extends to the inclusion of roofing inspection services, reinforcing our dedication to delivering a successful and satisfactory roofing project for our clients.

Allied Roof Management serves as the owner's advocate, overseeing the project & providing Quality Assurance

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