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What is a Roof Maintenance Management Program?

Allied Roof Maintenance Management Program is a proactive approach to managing the upkeep and repair of a building’s roof. It involves regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, and repairs to extend the life of the roof and prevent costly damage or replacement. The program typically includes a comprehensive plan developed by a professional roofing contractor or engineer, which outlines the frequency of inspections, the scope of maintenance activities, and the recommended repairs or replacements. The plan may also include a budget for routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Allied Roof Management offers a unique “Roof Maintenance Management Program”

It’s a great way to ensure that your roof remains in good condition over the long term. Here are some steps we offer in a roof maintenance program:

We start by inspecting the roof to identify any issues that need to be addressed:

This includes looking for cracks, leaks, missing shingles, or other damage.

We develop a maintenance plan:

Based on the inspection, develop a maintenance plan that outlines the steps that need to be taken to keep the roof in good condition. This may include cleaning the gutterrs, repairing damaged shingles, and sealing any cracks or leaks.

Allied Roof Management offers different packages:

Consider offering different packages to meet the needs of different customers. For example, you may offer a basic package that includes an annual inspection and maintenance, or a premium package that includes additional services like gutter cleaning and repairs.

We provide regular service:

Once you sign up for your roof maintenance program, we will provide regular service to ensure the roof remainsin good condition. This may involve scheduling regular inspections and maintenance visits throughout the year.

We communicate with customers:

Finally, we will communicate regularly with your customers to keep them informed about the state of the roof and any maintenance that has been performed. We are here to build trust for all of your roofing services.

The primary objectives of a roof maintenance management program are to

safety and integrity icon

Ensure the safety and integrity of the roof system

roof and postpone icon

Extend the life of the roof and postpone the need for costly replacements

emergency repairs tool icon

Minimize the need for emergency repairs and associated costs

Renewable Energy Icon

Improve energy efficiency and reduce healing and cooling costs

Authenticity Icon

Maintain compliance with building codes and regulations

By implementing a roof maintenance management program, building owners and managers can protect their investment and avoid the costly consequences of roof failure.

A Roof Maintenance Program can help keep your roof in good condition and prevent expensive repairs.

A roof maintenance program is a set of steps and actions that building owners, managers or associations can take to ensure that their roofs are in good condition and continue to function properly. It involves regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs as needed to prevent serious damage and extend the lifespan of the roof. A roof maintenance program can include tasks such as clearing debris from gutters and drains, checking for leaks and cracks, repairing damaged shingles or tiles, and performing routine maintenance like sealing and coating. The goal is to catch problems early and prevent costly repairs or replacements in the future.
By following these steps, you can help ensure that your roof will last for many years to come.



The first step in a roof maintenance program is to inspect the roof thoroughly to identify any signs of damage, wear, or other issues. This may involve a visual inspection from the ground, or a more detailed inspection conducted by a professional roofing contractor.



Once any issues have been identified, the roof may need to be cleaned to remove debris, dirt, and other materials that can cause damage or contribute to deterioration over time.



Any damage or wear that is identified during the inspection should be repaired promptly to prevent further damage. This may involve replacing damaged shingles, repairing leaks, or addressing other
issues as needed.



Regular maintenance is important to keep a roof in good condition over time. This may involve tasks such as removing debris from gutters, trimming overhanging branches, and checking for signs of damage or wear on a regular basis.


Record Keeping

Keeping accurate records of all maintenance and repairs performed on the roof is important for tracking the conditon of the roof over time and identfying any recurring issues that may need to be addressed. By following these steps as part of a regular roof maintenance program, you can help ensure that your roof stays in good conditon and lasts for many years to come.


Trim Trees

Trim any overhanging tree limbs that could fall onto your roof and cause damage.


Maintain Drainage

Maintain proper drainage by ensuring that water flows away from the building and doesn’t pool on the roof.


Check Flashings

Check all flashing around parapets, A/C stands, S=stucco stops, vents, and other installations to ensure they are secure and not damaged.
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