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Forensic Roof Inspection

Our comprehensive roofing consultancy services ensure strict adherence to relevant codes and specifications during roof installations. By conducting forensic roof inspections, we mitigate the risks of damages and costs associated with improper roofing practices.

Understanding Forensic Roof Inspections

Forensic roof inspections focus on evaluating recently installed roofs to ascertain proper procedures and workmanship. These examinations encompass visual assessments, sample retrieval, and performance reviews, offering valuable insights into:

  • Building Code Compliance
  • Environmental Damage
  • Failure Analysis
  • Manufacturer Specification Compliance
  • Insurance Claim Review
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Workmanship Review

The New Roof is Leaking?

If you’ve recently installed a new roof and are experiencing leaks, our Forensic Roof Inspection services are tailored to address your concerns. Leaks in a newly installed roof can be distressing, but our experienced team specializes in evaluating the root causes of such issues. Our forensic inspections go beyond conventional assessments, delving into the specifics of the installation process, materials used, and workmanship quality. Whether it’s a matter of building code compliance, environmental factors, or workmanship issues, we meticulously examine every detail to provide a comprehensive analysis. Trust us to pinpoint the source of leaks and offer expert insights to rectify the situation promptly. 

When to Consider Forensic Roof Inspections

Forensic roof inspections play a crucial role in supporting legal proceedings involving roofing performance. Targeted towards attorneys, insurance agencies, property owners, and managers, our experienced engineers provide services such as claim consulting, expert testimony, mediation, and litigation support.

Our Forensic Analysis Approach

Our seasoned forensic analysis team delves into various aspects of the roofing installation process, including designs, materials, installation procedures, and relevant documentation. This thorough review helps establish the facts of disputes, providing a professional and objective perspective on each claim.

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